All information about your crypto currency transactions can be found on the transactions page. On this page, we'll go over each column's meaning in detail.


The WooComerce ID of the order.


The time when the transaction was created.


The status of the payment. The payment can have the following status:


The invoice has been created, and Omotix is awaiting payment.


The payment has been received, but not yet fully confirmed. For security reasons Omotix only sets payments to complete once they have a certain amount of confirmations. You can find the specific amount of confirmations per crypto coin here.


The payment was received with enough confirmations. The payment has been finished, and WooCommerce has marked it as "Processing."


Omotix was unable to match the transaction automatically, because there are 2 or more orders that could potentially be matched. Please check with your customers, to find out to which order this transaction belongs.

Good to know: If you are experiencing a lot of duplicate transactions, consider adding an alternative deposit address. This will significantly decrease the chance this will happen in the future.


The payment was either not received or was not received on time. The invoice must be paid within 15 minutes. Omotix will, however, continue to scan the address for 1 hour to check for payments. If a full payment is received within one hour, Omotix will set the status to compete.

Good to know: Omotix will scan for a completed payment for 1 hour. This is because some customers will pay directly from exchanges. The majority of exchanges batch payments and only broadcast them a few times per hour.


The customer name of the order. Retrieved from WooCommerce.


The base currency of the payment. This corresponds with the base currency, set in WooCommerce.


This will show the crypto coin the customer has chosen and the conversion rate that was used. Keep in mind that you can change the conversion rate that is used. You can this under the token settings. Read more here.

Deposit address

This is the address that Omotix shows to the customer, and where the funds will arrive. You can change and edit this deposit address under Active Tokens.

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